One more year

posted on 17 May 2009 22:06 by tammutammetammo

This year, my birthday was a very peaceful day. I started my day with talking with my mom and dad then my brother called me from China. Afterthat, I rushed to make a merit in the morning at Mae Soad, Tak Provice, but I didn't know where and when monk would pass. Foretunately, my random was work.

Eventhough, I had to continue my work, collecting a lot of samples seem to be much easier and take shorter time than yesterday. (Yes,Aj Asia. You're right. I can do it happily.) At noon, all works were finished and we went back to Bangkok safely at six.

All in all, it's such a simply good day. No party or special meal but my mind was fullfilled and I had a beautiful and peaceful night. All I can say is "Thank You All, My Friends. I love you.".

What's going on?

posted on 13 May 2009 20:44 by tammutammetammo

Hi everybody. It's nearly 2 weeks that I didn't write my blog. And 2 weeks are long enough to make being in the difficulty in writing the journal. Oh I am really weak in Eng.

This month is a roming month. Tomorrow I am going to Tak Province to set the experiment. Again, this is the third trip of this month. From 1st to 7th I went to my friend's ordainment ceremony at Surattani Province. Then 7th to 12nd I went back home, Trat, to make a merit for my grandparents which is on early May of every year.

3 trips with 3 regions really reminded me that how ถึก I am. H1N1 flu may be defeated me.

From my timetable, my weight should go down, but it rise up. Ohhh Nooo. Just because I can sleep anywhere and can eat anything, right?? My one month long exercise is totally useless.


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Good Great Great

posted on 29 Apr 2009 23:09 by tammutammetammo

I didn't visit this link ( for a long time.  This morning while I was dawdling (as usual) and surfing on the internet, I read 7 lastest topics in that page. I love them so much and I think it may be useful to you, so that this entry was published.

It deeply touched my mind and reminded me many related good books such as, timeless simplicity, small is beautiful, the one straw revolution, ธรรมชาติของสรรพส่ิง: การเข้าถึงความจริงทั้งหมด and so on. (Of course, none of above I possess. 55555 Thank you everyone who lent me those books.)


For newbie in this field, starting from the given link is a good begining. And I hope they will enlight you some ideas or poke you to think over about your life or your real needs.


Live is simple as that. Don't mess it with unnessary pain.